Sunday, November 7, 2010

anything worth trying is worth failing at.

im gonna give quitting cigarettes another go. about to go smoke my last one. really happy i got to see my grandpa today. i want to be like him, i just dont want to end up like him. talking to him really helps since we are both alike in so many ways. he never had much luck with the ladies either when it came to love. hes told me about all the women hes been through but he managed to find the perfect one late in his life. to bad i never got to meet her when i was little. she sounds like she was a really nice woman and im glad she gave my grandpa some happiness in his life. but as long as i have his good looks because i look exactly like him at my age right now, i shouldnt have a problem finding girls, finding the right one is the real challenge. and i hope i someday do so i can carry on the tradition of naming one of my children after their great grandpa.
his army picture from when he was a medic during the Korean War.