Wednesday, October 13, 2010

im drunk right now and i have no reason to be.

so yeah, i havent really ate all day and after work i had two beers then came home and had 5 shots of smirnoff triple distilled so im pretty drunk right now. i havent had anything to drink in 3 weeks and ive never really been much of a drinker and i cant think of a good reason other than because i can. maybe its because im out of weed. i prefer being high than being drunk.i always get depressed when i drink. when i get high, i get creative. i like to create things.


  1. Man, I cant drink until febuary. But I must agree, being high is way better than being drunk, even though I just know a lot of people who got very messed up from smoking.

  2. way to go :D
    I'm unfortunately working right now so I can't get drunk :S