Saturday, October 9, 2010

my mom never understood why i always laughed when she called me a son of a bitch.

i love my parents, i really do. but sometimes, they just annoy the shit out of me. my mom is on my ass because im smoking again. im a grown ass man, ill do what i want. my dad, hes still one of the 3 men i look up to, the other 2 are my grandpa and thomas jefferson. but my dad is a really great guy when hes not yelling at me about school and smoking and has given me some really good advice lately. he told me the other day that he didnt fall in love until he met my mom when he was 26. my grandpa told me almost the exact same thing about his last wife when he met her in his 50s. i guess there is hope for me after all. and thomas jefferson is just a kick ass dude who did a lot of great things in his life.


  1. Wow, my mom used to do the same thing! I'd always laugh at her. JEFFEERRSSONNNN.

  2. good job here!

    you just inspired more bubbles on "Enhanced by MS Paint"... check it out!

  3. awesome post, bro! waiting for MOAR